Why Best Agent Today is the Best Resource to Find a Realtor

Think about what homebuyers and sellers did 20 years ago when they needed to find a realtor. 

  • Perhaps they relied on word of mouth: Called a friend or two, asked if they knew anyone they could recommend.
  • Maybe they found a flier that a real estate brokerage posted in the local supermarket.
  • They opened the Yellow Pages 
  • Some homebuyers and sellers may have looked in the newspaper classified ad section (remember those?).
  • Many homebuyers even drove around the neighborhoods looking for those 'for sale' signs.

What a long way we've come.

At Best Agent Today, we feel we've created the ultimate tool for consumers to find the best real estate agents in their desired community. 

How we've made it easier to find a realtor

The best thing about Best Agent Today is that we're a consumer-centric independent research organization, not affiliated with any brokerage. We devote ourselves to researching every transaction in every town or zip code in which we work and identify the certified top producers in each community. 

Thus, when a consumer enters the zip code of those communities into our searchbox, the best realtors appear, along with everything you need to know about them:

  • A full bio
  • Transaction history and other vital statistics
  • Contact information
  • Request an appointment button
Our Certified Top Producers -- the proof is in the numbers

The algorithm we use to find the top realtors in each community is based on a number of factors, but a big portion of each realtor's score is their transaction history. Since it is broken down by communities, the homebuyer or seller can see the best agents in towns large and small based on the agent's total score in that area. 

Thus, the realtors with the best overall scores appear on that community's page on our website.

Why is that important?

Best Agent Today Founder and CEO Rich Rubino likes to draw a comparison with a mega-sized car dealership:

"Let's say you're in the market to buy a car, and the auto dealership sells every model and every brand and the price for any car on the lot is $25,000 - no matter which one you pick. So, which car are you going to select? You're going to choose a Ferrari, a Rolls Royce or a Mercedes, and probably not one of the entry level cars, right?. 

"It's exactly the same with real estate agents: they're all going to charge you the same price. So why would you not pick one of the top producers with the proven capacity to get the job done?

"Maybe the Ferrari is not the best choice for your family; perhaps it's the Rolls Royce," he added. "We're offering the homebuyer or seller the tools to make that choice. Why wouldn't you go with a top producer?"

We're growing -- just wait

Currently, Best Agent Today can help you find a realtor in six states -- Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, California, New Hampshire, and Wisconsin as well as a large portion of Florida.  We're also covering Las Vegas, NV, and Peoria, Ill. We intend to grow our reach and offer our consumers access to the top real estate agents across the entire country soon. 

Log on to Best Agent Today to find your Ferrari, Rolls Royce or Mercedes -- the certified top producing real estate agents in your desired community.