What sets us apart? Real research! We bring the top realtors to the consumer. Guaranteed.

There are numerous online platforms a consumer can turn to when looking to buy or sell a new home. We've examined them all, and because of our real research, we feel BestAgentToday.com is the best resource to find the top realtors. Other sites simply grab your contact information and give you nothing in return. 

We don't. 

We give you, the consumer, the power by providing information on the top producing real estate agents and immediate access to them. No games, No waiting.

All you do is enter the zip code of the community in which you're interested, and the best real estate agents appear. With us, it's that simple.

"We have access to the real data that enables us to determine the top realtors in each zip code. We also certify to you that they are indeed the top producing agents," said Rich Rubino, CEO of Best Agent Today. "This sets us apart from sites that are simply looking to grab consumer's information to sell to agents. Best Agent Today is consumer-oriented, so that's where we focus. We actually do the research so that we can provide real recommendations to consumers of who the top producing realtors are."

The real data Best Agent Today provides on communities and realtors

By typing in the zip code of, for example, a community to which you may want to relocate, not only do the top producing realtors appear, but so do key facts about that community, including...

  • Population
  • Average home price
  • Average market time
  • Total units sold over 12 months

...each broken down by single family, multi-family homes and condominiums. We also provide a map and satellite image of the area.

Contact the top realtors -- a dozen different ways

When a realtor becomes a member of Best Agent Today, they complete a custom personal page where they list their accomplishments, specialties, breadth of experience and whatever other information they want prospective home buyers and sellers to know about them. 

Even better, Best Agent Today provides consumers direct contact with the push of a button to the top realtors via any of the following channels: 

  • Text
  • E-mail
  • Social networks
  • Realtor's website

What makes our realtors top producers?

While the distinction of a Certified Top Producer is impressive enough, consumers can see the real numbers behind the realtor's success: The agent's 12-month aggregate results of homes sold, the agent's total sales and productivity index. We also value the 'humanness' of the agent, listing their favorite books, movies, drinks and sport.

"We are in a market niche that no one else is in," said Rubino. "We're different from any other online real estate platform in that we bring only the top agents to the consumer.  The homework is done...pun intended."

Visit BestAgentToday.com to see the top realtors in your desired area today.