3 traits the best real estate agents share (and how to spot them)

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For a consumer buying or selling a home, finding the best real estate agents for your home-buying or selling experience is a job in itself. Establishing mutual trust is paramount. More often than not, as homebuyers and sellers, you're not as informed as they should be, and thus rely on your agent.

In finding the best agent, there are three qualities you need to identify to have the best experience.

First and foremost: The best real estate agents are honest

How do you tell if an agent isn't being completely transparent and knowledgable? It takes a bit of preparation. Whether buying or selling, a proactive consumer should have a basic idea about the property values in their current or desired neighborhood. The best real estate agents will explain what a property value is really worth and why, and give a practical assessment -- not simply what a consumer wants to hear.

You need to remember that it's you who holds the proverbial trump card when auditioning agents.

"Being up front with people is the most important thing," says Rich Rubino, CEO of BestAgentToday.com. "When I'm a consumer, and I think someone is not being up front, I'm not going to deal with them."

Does your agent know the market?

When you first meet with the agent that you hire, they should be trying to establish certain things while getting to know you better:

  • What can you afford (not how high can I push them)?
  • What are your real objectives, desires and dreams?
  • Where are the best neighborhoods that meet as many of the criteria as possible?

Once established, these three ideals provide the agent the foundation for the working relationship with you and your family.

"All real estate is essentially local. You don't really buy a home, for example, in Massachusetts," says Rubino. "You buy a home in a town. Beyond that, you buy a home in a neighborhood. A realtor should know -- pretty much cold -- what other homes in that community are selling for."

The one skill most buyers and sellers do not have

In today's real estate climate, many buyers and sellers conduct their own market analysis and research the recent sales of homes in their neighborhood, town or desired destination. 

Whether you're a home buyer or seller, there is a simple, direct question that needs to be answered: What is it that a realtor can do for you that is the most important thing that you cannot do for yourself?

Answer: Negotiate. It is a skill that the best realtors have. Hypothetically, let's say you're selling your home for $599,000, and a prospective buyer offers $579,000. Can you confidently make a counteroffer? 

"If you're uncomfortable saying 'no' to someone, you're not going to being a good negotiator," Rubino says. "If you're uncomfortable asking for more money, you're not going to be a good negotiator. You hire an agent because they can do those things for you."

Here's a fourth one, and it's really important

The process of buying and selling a home often takes a significant amount of time. Weeks, months. You will appreciate knowing that you're being communicated with, that you're being taken care of.

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