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Vito Cortese is a full-time Realtor with Keller Williams Realty with almost 30 years experience in the field, he has developed his knowledge and expertise in all facets of real estate making him an uncommonly cultivated source to anybody interested in buying, selling or investing in real estate. Vito’s in-depth background in real estate paved the way for him becoming the ultimate resource in real estate ventures and has included being general contractor, property manager, and investor in commercial and rental properties. All together, his experiences in such distinct aspects of real estate coalesce in establishing him as a consummate authority in the business and as such he offers buyers, sellers and investors an edge in all transactions rarely seen in his field.


While others may specialize, Vito’s Italian heritage may lend to his unique approach of acquiring a wide range of knowledge in his trade from as many sources as he can cultivate. This way of learning and doing things establishes him as a polymath, or Renaissance Man of real estate. By being such, he offers his clients a wide range of knowledge and perspectives on matters ranging from buying, selling, investing, building & design, & construction in all types of real estate such as residential, construction, farm & land development, rental, commercial, and all types of income generating investment properties.  Vito is multi-lingual and can converse fluidly in English, Italian and Spanish and offers the use of these language skills to those requesting it. This comprehensive approach gives him and his clients an edge in all types of real estate negotiations and transactions. Working so extensively in real estate has led to life long affiliations with professionals of all types in the field and Vito prides himself on only working with the best available including mortgage brokers, real estate attorney’s, home inspectors, general contractors, photographers, stagers and many more.


Vito works hard for his clients and is committed to doing what is best for them in all negotiations and transactions because one of the most important philosophies of his business practice is that his clients always come first. He is always readily available to his clients and works diligently for the best possible outcomes from the moment he starts working with clients up to and continuing through and beyond closing. Vito is always striving to make his client’s dreams become a reality and his reputation for doing so is industry wide!

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  • 29 South Main St
    West Hartford CT 06107
    (860) 874-3824
  • Anything on naturopathic & nutrition health
  • Bronx Tale
  • Espresso
  • Football/Patriots

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