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Scott Sartain

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25 Years owner of Sartain Construction prior to real estate career, Experienced Listing Agent/Broker, Kendall County, Illinois

About Scott Sartain

Meet Scott Sartain, a distinguished figure in the Kendall County real estate scene and your trusted partner in navigating the local market. With over two and a half decades of experience, Scott seamlessly integrates his background as the owner of Sartain Construction into his role as one of the best real estate professionals in the industry. Known for his keen eye and in-depth knowledge, Scott excels in discerning structural intricacies within properties. Whether determining a list price or making an offer, his expertise ensures well-informed decisions. Beyond his professional endeavors, Scott and his wife's personal ventures include building and renovating homes, showcasing their commitment to and acumen in the real estate market. As a former home inspector and resident of Downtown Oswego for 20 years, Scott offers unique insights to homeowners looking to enhance property value. His ability to distinguish essential fixes from optional improvements proves invaluable during negotiations with potential buyers. For prospective buyers, Scott's discerning eye extends beyond aesthetics to identifying potential structural challenges. His expertise includes advising on remodeling costs and strategies for ensuring long-term resale value, offering a comprehensive understanding of potential investments. In the dynamic world of real estate, Scott Sartain is a pillar of knowledge and experience, dedicated to guiding clients through every facet of their journey. With a rich background in construction, a passion for property improvement, and a commitment to informed decision-making, Scott Sartain is your trusted partner in Kendall County's real estate market.


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