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From the time Rhonda received her real estate sales license in 2004¸ her career in Residential & Commercial Real Estate has been one of constantly moving forward, not waiting for transactions to come to her but rather taking the initiative to make deals happen both locally and across the country.

Her aggressive and persistent nature led her to start her own business, TouchStone Partners, LLC in 2005 when she received her Brokers license.

TouchStone Partners, LLC was founded with the desire to give clients the highest level of service & representation throughout the real estate transaction. Buying or selling a home in today’s market does not need to be stressful. It requires proper guidance, expert advise, skillful negotiations & constant communication. Whether you are buying, selling, or investing, you can be assured the highest level of integrity and great results.

Her expertise in Residential Real Estate has allowed her to assist both Buyers and Sellers offering both the highest level of respect, loyalty & ethics while negotiating for them to get the best price in purchasing a home and the most money for the sale of their home.

She has spent the past several years building her contact and client database which has opened the doors for her. As such, she has developed strong relationships with other top-producing agents nationally that have lead to working together on selling their listings by bringing qualified and quality buyers to the table.

Because of the breadth of her experience and the contacts she has made, she has had millions of dollars worth of properties under contract & sold in the Greater Boston and Central Massachusetts areas.


Working in the Real Estate industry is not just a profession for me, it is a passion that I bring to a client regardless of the size of the contract or sale. I pride myself on being not only very successful at what I do, but as someone who is guided by a high level and strong sense of ethics which is mutually beneficial to myself and every client with whom I work.

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  • 9 Cornerstone Sq Unit B40
    Westford MA 01886
    (978) 846-1694
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