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Rebecca and Daniel Zandvliet

  • Coldwell Banker Realty 2000

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About Rebecca

Vast Experience with Sellers

Dedicated to Customer Satisfaction

New Construction / New Developments

This agency is always looking for additional Professional Agents

First-time Home Buyers

State-of-the-Art Technology

Internet Exposure

Familiar with Government Financing


Selling homes - No agent will like your home more than I do!

Buying homes - you'll have all the information needed to make the important decision of which home to buy!

Investment Properties - I personally own investment property and will share my knowledge with you.

Building your dream home - I've worked with all aspects of designing and building.

Selling your development - I've gone through the process of obtaining and selling an approved housing development

Condos - I know the ins and outs of condo living




Buyers Agent


Specialty Markets

Luxury Properties

New Homes




Buyer Representative


First Time Buyers


Selling homes - I love the challenge of marketing homes and find the right buyer

Working with first-time home buyers - one of my favorites!

We rent apartments, homes and condos

Mortgage process - I've got the knowledge to help you get through this difficult process


Owner of the #1 Coldwell Banker Affliate company in Ct.

Over 15 years of experience

50 of the best real estate agents in CT as my back-up

Office is open 7 days a week

Full-time support staff

State of the art technology


President Elite Recipient

#1 Coldwell Banker Affliate Company in CT past 12 years

#1 Coldwell Banker Affliate Office in CT past 12 years

Greater Waterbury Board of Realtors, Director

Naugatuck Chamber of Commerce (2004 Recipient of the Louis Dibble Award)

Woman of the Year 2006 - Business Women's Forum

Recipient of the Frederick D. Zonino memorial Volunteer Award (YMCA) 2005

Past Naugatuck Board of Education, Chairman

Rebecca and Daniel Zandvliet's Information
  • 7741 New Haven Road
    Naugatuck CT 06770
    (203) 982-9800

The Facts About Rebecca and Daniel Zandvliet

12 Month Aggregate

Single Family Homes Sold
Condos Sold
Average Market Time
90 days
Average Sale Price
Agent Total Sales

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In order to become certified we need to get their agreement on some very important points:

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We feel that these items are an integral part of your decision, so we make them part of our decision too! And we're not done yet. Because your decision is based on personality also, we go on to collect lots of additional personal information from them too. Including pictures, resumes, their contact information, and some of their fun facts that you see displayed on our site.