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As the lead Seller Agent of The Private Client Group, Melisa brings over 20 years of business experience to the team and its clients. Holding a real estate license since 2001, and with managerial experience in both Sales and Marketing, Melisa offers our sellers the highest level of real estate representation.




Our sellers value her professionalism, and the strong analytical and communication skills that allow her to navigate and close the most complex of transactions. Having spent the first 15 years of her career in the mortgage insurance industry, Melisa is knowledgeable about finance and housing cycles, and can offer clients of the Private Client Group thoughtful insights on their housing investment.


Our relocating clients appreciate working with an agent who has relocated three times for her career and is familiar with the process. Melisa has traveled globally, and is experienced at working with international clients. In addition, she has bought and renovated six homes and is knowledgeable about the costs associated with renovation and construction.


Originally from California, Melisa is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin. She worked in Wisconsin, Texas and Ohio before moving to the Boston area in 1999.  A resident of Weston for 11 years, she also has lived in Newton, Somerville, Watertown and Back Bay. Melisa’s membership on the Massachusetts Association of Realtors Communications and Public Relations Committee extends the team’s networking arm to the state level.  


With Zur Attias and Melisa Barlow representing your selling interests, Private Client Group sellers can be confident they have the experience and support behind them to achieve their selling objectives.

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  • 48 Thoreau Street
    Concord MA 01742

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