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Karen Russo

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  • 6 Park Avenue
    Worcester MA 01605
    (508) 635-6613

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  • Karen was excellent! She explained completely what her role would be in helping to get it sold and what I could expect her to do throughout the closing process. She made me feel completely comfortable with her and with the process. I love my house and I got the sense that it was in great hands with Karen. Since the moment I signed with her, she has made the sale process completely painless. I could not be more impressed with her work. Laurie P.
  • My wife and I wanted to send you a note to let you know that we had a great experience selling our home with Karen. She was very enthusiastic from the start and responsive to our needs and questions. She did a great job communicating to the buyers on our behalf. Our sale was part of a corporate relocation and Karen handled all the additional paperwork and procedures without a problem. All in all it was a smooth process. Dan and Kirsten S.
  • I wanted to let you know what a delightfully positive experience I had with Karen Russo. I was going through a difficult personal transition that precipitated the need to move, and she was extremely sensitive to my situation. Her knowledge and insights were incredibly helpful to me, as were several referrals to other professionals (loan officer, attorney, moving company, inspector) that were as exemplary as she was. I contacted Karen during the first week of May and closed on a home on July 14! This home exceeded my expectations of what I thought I would be able to afford. I have told all my friends about Karen and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who is looking for an experienced, sensitive professional that is a joy to work with! Rosemary S.
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