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Results driven realtor, bringing a strong practical financial background to each real estate transaction.  I leverage my considerable management and creative solutions to help YOU! My clients appreciate my ability to listen and be a tenacious advocate and guide.   I am eager to serve you.


I love my adopted home state of Connecticut!  My experience in sales, analysis, organization and negotiation garnered over twenty years in trading; in addition to  being a mortgage loan officer and elected official on the Board of Assessment Appeals, together with the world wide marketing power and win-win organization of Keller Williams, give YOU a unique advantage.


Whether you are selling a home or in search of your ideal residence I and my colleagues and associates will provide integrity, intelligence and ingenuity to get the job done quickly and to your financial advantage.

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  • Southbury CT 06488
    (203) 837-0050
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12 Month Aggregate

Single Family Homes Sold
Average Market Time
77 days
Average Sale Price
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  • By the way Gabby, I just sat down with Joe to sign the closing docs, and he was raving about you (as was I!) … you went way beyond the call of duty! Bob Y.
  • I have known “Gabby” for almost 20 years. She is absolutely dedicated to the market and very knowledgeable about all aspects. I highly recommend “Gabby”; I think that she is very capable. Vernon B.
  • I feel Gabby went above and beyond her duty in not only in marketing our home to get it sold and negotiate (even when the Buyer was stubborn – she did not give up) but she also helped us to move and move on with our lives. Edward S.
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