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A born leader, Eric Cudmore established himself as a successful businessman at an early age. In each of his early work experiences, he rose to the top using his innate interpersonal skills and natural love of working with others. Now a top producing real estate agent, Eric offers his personal service to each of his clients as they buy, sell or build their dream home.

As General Foreman for the Local 103 International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Cudmore managed 20+ people and learned the art of working with people to achieve a goal. Creating a team work ethic and possessing a genuine appreciation of each person’s ability to bring their skills to a project, Eric established himself as a skilled leader. As a project manager for Boston University his success was evident in his ability to complete projects on time, make experienced decisions and motivate his team to work as a unit.

Taking his leadership experience, negotiating skills, attentive listening and most importantly his desire to help people on a personal level, Eric stepped into what would become his greatest passion: real estate. His innate talent for solving problems, removing obstacles and bringing people together to meet a common goal earned him the nickname “rainmaker.” He intuitively knows what a person needs and is unwavering in his commitment to help them achieve their goals.

His driving need to own his own business led him to open his own real estate office Palmer Russell North. Eric built his reputation for honesty and dedication to his clients by putting their needs first.  He explains “Each client comes in with a set of desires that they want to find in their new home. I have a knack for finding a home that matches their needs and lifestyle.” After 9 years he was offered the opportunity to bring his knowledge and expertise to another segment of the market with EXIT Realty in Middleton, Ma.

Opening the New Home Construction Division, Eric stepped in as president. His excitement was evident when he said “This was my opportunity to really see my clients ideas come to life.” Eric enjoys guiding a new construction client through the building process. He explains “I’m there for my clients every step of the way. I work with a team of contractors to provide a quality product. My personal team of realtors has 12 to 25 years of new construction experience. They provide our clients with experienced guidance and stellar customer service.”

With over 13 years’ experience in real estate, Eric still loves working with his clients to find their dream home or sell their current home. But his greatest passion is new construction. He tells us “I have the opportunity to build a person’s dream home, taking their personal vision and making it a reality. It’s very rewarding to see the joy people experience when their home is complete and they move in.”


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Eric Cudmore

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