Douglas Kramer

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We currently do not have any additional information on file regarding this agent. This is not an indication of the agent's skills, it simply means we have not completed this agent's Certification yet.

Douglas Kramer's Information
  • 6695 E. Pacific Coast Hwy
    Long Beach CA 90808
    (949) 922-2291

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12 Month Aggregate

Single Family Homes Sold
Condos Sold
Average Market Time
45 days
Average Sale Price
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Our Agent Certification Process

After completing our initial process of determining an agent's API and then selecting the agents to recommend to you, we personally contact those agents to see if they would like to become certified by us - essentially moving to our top tier.

In order to become certified we need to get their agreement on some very important points:

  • First - they must agree to respond to our customers (you) promptly, and
  • Second - they must agree NOT to charge our customers (again, you) any additional amounts because you connected with them through

We feel that these items are an integral part of your decision, so we make them part of our decision too! And we're not done yet. Because your decision is based on personality also, we go on to collect lots of additional personal information from them too. Including pictures, resumes, their contact information, and some of their fun facts that you see displayed on our site.