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David Hearne, the founder and driving force behind Hearne Realty Group, has been a real estate agent for almost 20 years and a broker for 5. He began in the business by mentoring a good friend who was studying for his license. Turns out that Dave liked the real estate business just as much as the person he was helping! And the rest, as they say, is history…


Dave passed his exam and then learned the ropes as a Realtor with a successful suburban Boston brokerage. He opened Hearne Realty Group in 2011 and now serves real estate buyers and sellers in Central MA with a focus on Ashburnham and the Acton/Boxborough/Harvard communities and surrounding towns because of their top-rated school systems.


A RI native, Dave has a Degree in Finance from the University of RI. He and his wife, Lyn, have raised 3 children in Boxborough and fervently believe that raising children in communities with exceptional schools is essential to happiness and success later in life. This fuels Dave’s passion and special talent for helping home and land buyers and sellers acquire property in the communities in and around Acton, Ashburnham, Boxborough and Harvard, MA.


Dave has also been the owner of Ashburnham Wines & Spirits, a popular venue for gourmet coffees, bagel sandwiches, ice cream…and of course, wines and liquors - and an internet spirits business. His favorite pastime is running. He’ll log up to 30 miles each week on the streets and trails of Central MA.


Dave sets the tone for Hearne Realty Group by being a caring, intelligent professional who is client-motivated and proactive, while taking a genuine personal interest in each and every client. His credo is, “To treat each client like a close, well-appreciated relative”.  Over 50% of his clients are either referrals or recurring customers. It’s obviously working.

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  • 3 Memorial Drive
    Ashburnham MA 01430
    (978) 790-7765
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