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The fact is, there isn't much more to the average agent than the agent themselves. Most agents operate a one-person show - and they're probably breaking their backs trying to do a good job for their clients. Most agents couldn't really work any harder than they're already working.

We know, because we used to do it this way.

But we don't anymore because we found that our client's suffered from our good intentions. The fact is, you may be sympathetic to the fact that your agent is working as hard as humanly possible, but if the quality and profitability of your home sale suffers as a result of them trying to do everything themselves . . . well, . . .you have a right to feel cheated.

The simple explanation is that we built a team of professionals to help us be in 10 places at once, and therefore greatly enhance the quality of service we can deliver to our clients. This is basically how other professionals like your banker or lawyer operate. And on top of this, we've used cutting edge technology to dramatically improve the speed, efficiency and innovative capabilities of every part of the service we deliver.

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  • 232 South Main Street
    Colchester CT 06415
    (860) 608-0769
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  • My experience with Scott Boyden and the CTEast Team was a great one. I spent several months looking at properties before finally finding the right one. Scott stuck by me for the duration. He was always ready with comps for any house I might put an offer in on. The team approach was wonderful. If Scott was not able to be at a showing Brenda stepped in seamlessly so the house hunting could continue. I look forward to many happy years ahead in my new home. Liz C.
  • We found the CTEast Team and Scott Boyden easy to work with. Scott always had good tips on improvements to make. He was also great with price negotiations. Very pleased with our experience with Boyden Real Estate and in fact we referred another homeseller to Scott. Bill and Pat K.
  • I chose Scott because of his solid expertise and reputation. It was great to have someone available to answer questions during this stressful time. The team helped answer all of my questions without making me feel dumb. I got a great price and was extremely satisfied with the whole experience and how smoothly it went. Cara H.
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Our Agent Certification Process

After completing our initial process of determining an agent's API and then selecting the agents to recommend to you, we personally contact those agents to see if they would like to become certified by us - essentially moving to our top tier.

In order to become certified we need to get their agreement on some very important points:

  • First - they must agree to respond to our customers (you) promptly, and
  • Second - they must agree NOT to charge our customers (again, you) any additional amounts because you connected with them through BestAgentToday.com.

We feel that these items are an integral part of your decision, so we make them part of our decision too! And we're not done yet. Because your decision is based on personality also, we go on to collect lots of additional personal information from them too. Including pictures, resumes, their contact information, and some of their fun facts that you see displayed on our site.