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Charbel & Christine Najem

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Christine is a dedicated mother and wife, entrepreneur, and expert in real estate. She founded Cedar Wood Realty Group as a Christian real-estate company whose focus is on the humanitarian services and experience. Whether it’s the expert agents she employs or the many buyers and sellers she helps to realize their dreams; Christine enriches the lives around her.

Christine practices what she preaches. Proceeds from the business are donated to her church and other charitable organizations including Worcester’s own Net of Compassion among others. Christine has always been impassioned by improving the quality of lives around her. She is proud to carry on her higher purpose through her business and looks forward to serving you!


Charbel was born in war-town Lebanon and immigrated to the US where he quickly became a successful multi-business owner and entrepreneur. Celebrated for his immigrant success roots on several occasions, Charbel works tirelessly to support his businesses, his family, and to ensure both personal and professional growth. Charbel never forgets his humble beginnings and continues to enrich the lives and communities in which he does business.

Charbel started his experience in the banking and mortgage industry. From there, he flipped properties and started a construction business. Charbel’s earlier experience in the banking and mortgage industry, coupled with his construction experience, made him the perfect asset of resources and capabilities to buy, sell, flip, renovate, and connect with lenders.


Cedar Wood Realty Group has two locations:


344 Talbot Avenue

Suite 203 Dorchester, 02124


69 Park Avenue

Worcester, Ma 01605

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  • 69 Park Avenue
    Worcester MA 01605
    (508) 864-1536

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  • From the time that we first met with Christine until the day we closed was less than two months. Christine did a fantastic job of learning what my wife and I were looking for with our different tastes and guiding us to the right houses. She did a great job of helping us navigate the search, negotiation process and made fantastic recommendations on people to work with during the process. I would whole-heartedly recommend Christine Najem to anyone who was looking to purchase real estate.
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Our Agent Certification Process

After completing our initial process of determining an agent's API and then selecting the agents to recommend to you, we personally contact those agents to see if they would like to become certified by us - essentially moving to our top tier.

In order to become certified we need to get their agreement on some very important points:

  • First - they must agree to respond to our customers (you) promptly, and
  • Second - they must agree NOT to charge our customers (again, you) any additional amounts because you connected with them through

We feel that these items are an integral part of your decision, so we make them part of our decision too! And we're not done yet. Because your decision is based on personality also, we go on to collect lots of additional personal information from them too. Including pictures, resumes, their contact information, and some of their fun facts that you see displayed on our site.