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Licensed Real Estate Agent in: Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts

Carol comes to Elyse Harney Real Estate with a vast knowledge of the real estate market. Carol has lived in the Northwest corner for over 40 years and with her husband Charlie and have educated and raised 4 children in the Region I school system.  With over 29 years experience as a Realtor in Litchfield County, Carol has developed a great respect for the uniqueness of the Northwest Corner of Connecticut and surrounding Tri- state area. A respected real estate professional, she offers the experience to bring buyer and seller together. Carol holds a B.A from Wilkes University in Wilkes-Barre, Pa, and has a strong background in sales and marketing and is presently managing our Falls Village Office. Carol’s compassion and willingness to go the extra mile are qualities that have customers coming back year after year and many of her clients see her as a friend, not a simply a business acquaintance.

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  • 9 Barnes Road
    Falls Village CT 06031
    (860) 248-1112

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  • We called other realtors that never returned our calls, Carol got back to us right away. I love how she allows you to view the property without pressure or hovering. She said, "You know what you are looking for, just let me know if you have questions". We are still looking for the right property, and we will be calling Carol again when we want to see another property. I know we will buy from her as well.
  • We had been searching with other brokers for over two years and had been unable to find anything despite a very clear set of criteria. When we contacted Carol, she immediately responded, and upon our first phone call and a few questions, she stated that she had a property in mind for us. With a good portion of doubt, we went to see her for the showings she had arranged for the following weekend. Lo and behold, the first property she showed -- the one she had had in mind -- was the one we ended up buying. Carol guided us carefully through our negotiations with a very idiosyncratic seller and her difficult selling agent. With a lot of patience and Carol's warm coaching, we arrived at an agreeable price. Because Carol has lived in the area for so long and seems to know everyone, she proved indispensable in guiding us toward not only the right property, but also the best people to help us reach the closing with no drama or hassle. We cannot recommend Carol enough. She is knowledgeable, honest, forthright, and a great person to know.
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