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Welcome to the Seacoast areas of New Hampshire and southern Maine. We live in it, love it, and we think you will too. New Hampshire has the smallest coastal area of any ocean bordering state. It’s only 17 miles from Portsmouth at the northern boundary to Seabrook at the southern but it is 17 miles packed with natural beauty and things to do. Call or email us with any questions about our area and New Hampshire or southern Maine real estate. email or or give us a call at 603-436-1221

Ann Cummings and Jim Lee formed a team in July of 2010.

Each bring over 30 years of successful real estate experience to the table so with Ann and Jim you truly do get two Realtors for the price of one. We’re dedicated to delivering exceptional service to you our clients and customers; past, present, and future.

Because we live in Portsmouth we are very familiar with all areas of the New Hampshire and southern Maine Seacoast. That makes us uniquely qualified to represent you in your next real estate transaction whether buying or selling. Browse around our current selection of Maine and New Hampshire homes and condos which includes not only all our office listings but other companies’ as well.

Ann & Jim's Information
  • 100 Market Street
    Portsmouth NH 03801
    (603) 436-1221
  • Atlas Shrugged
  • Gone With The Wind
  • Most anything cooked on the grill
  • Most anything outdoors

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Single Family Homes Sold
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Average Market Time
121 days
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  • Ann and Jim, your acumen and experience were invaluable to us in getting our condo sold quickly for a great price. Thank you for doing such an excellent job for us. We highly recommend you to other sellers looking for similar results. Paul Dulac
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