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Your best move starts by selecting the right Realtor for you, even before you start looking for that next home. We can help you. is the most innovative consumer-oriented site in the real estate marketplace. Compare Realtors, read reviews, and then interview candidates. For a smooth transaction, choose one of our verified top real estate agents.

Our Independent Market Research

Our research team analyzes every transaction from every town in your state, to ensure that we have statistically valid results. We take all of that data and deliver the conclusions to you right here - in an easy-to-understand format. We provide you recent historical averages for similar properties in your town.  We also determine which realtors have performed well in the past 12 months. We look at each town separately, which means realtors are compared only with the other realtors in your market. Our proprietary system is designed to produce a very short list of agents from each town that we feel are among the best agents. Our goal is to find those agents that are truly professional, hard-working, and proficient at their craft. These agents are the ones most likely to get you the best deal in the shortest time. They are the only agents we are comfortable recommending to you.

Our proprietary Agent Productivity Index

After our independent research group has examined every transaction from every town in your state, we take all the data and run it through our proprietary statistical modeling system to develop our Agent Productivity Index. The model is weighted heavily towards the number of recent transactions an agent has completed, but also takes other factors into account, right down to the number and type of reviews we receive from customers like you. We use the API to determine which agents are solid, professional, and providing quality service to homeowners in your town. You can see each agent's API for your zip code on their individual profile page. Using our API as the starting point, we've selected an elite group of the best agents in each zip code to recommend to you.

But we don't stop there. We crank it up a notch to make your search even easier, by using our certification process. Read more about our certification program.

Our Certification Process

After completing our initial process of determining an agent's API and then selecting agents to recommend to you we personally contact those agents to see if they would like to become certified by us - essentially joining our top tier. In order to become certified we need to get their agreement on some very important points:

First - they must agree to respond to our customers promptly,
Second - they must agree NOT to charge our customers any additional amounts because you connected with them through

We feel that these items should be an integral part of your decision, so we make them part of our decision too! And we're still not done! We go on to collect lots of additional information from them, including pictures, resumes, their contact information, and some of their fun facts that you see displayed on our site.

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This service is simply the BEST. I love how you found the top agents in my market instantly with no games. It made our decision a breeze. And our sale was a total success! And you didn't require me to give out my life history in order to contact my agent - this made us very comfortable. Thanks for creating This site is easy to understand and easy to navigate. Lily A - Chicopee, MA
Thank you so much for your service! I am now all set with the agent that you recommended. You have an incredible amount of information and it was very helpful.   Thanks again! Michael P. - Meriden, CT